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Our Sustainability Work

We are actively leading the way to the sustainable cities of the future.

A Philosophy that Lasts 100 Years

The Journey toward more Sustainable Cities

We continuously implement changes and improvements that contribute to a sustainable future. Here are our four focus areas that make us a better partner.

Locally Sourced

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Life at the Center

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Smart Resource Allocation

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Smart Energy Use

Partnership for the Climate

As we see it, the key to a sustainable society is close collaborations and joint projects. Together with others, we become better, stronger, and can have a greater impact.

DB Schenker – Leading the Way Completely Fossil-Free

DB Schenker – Leading the Way Completely Fossil-Free

A sustainable logistics partner is more important than ever. For the past couple of years, DB Schenker Sweden has been driving the Mission Zero project, a strategy for reduced emissions where Smekab Citylife has been involved from the beginning. The initiative aims to drive progress by shifting to biofuels, investing in vehicles and technology that do not use fossil fuels, and optimizing transport to maximize capacity. In 2020, this resulted in a 57 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from land transport (compared to the base year 2006). The goal is to achieve a 70 % reduction by 2023.

Climate Agreement with Kristianstad Municipality

Climate Agreement with Kristianstad Municipality

Kristianstad Municipality, as part of Viable Cities, has adopted the mission "Climate-Neutral Kristianstad 2030." In practice, this means that every resident of Kristianstad should be able to live a good life with high quality of life and minimal climate impact. Since 2023, Smekab Citylife has been part of the agreement. Here, we commit to continuing ongoing sustainability work, reducing the consumption of steel raw materials, and maintaining a close collaboration with DB Schenker and their "Mission Zero" to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions from transportation.

For a Sustainable Future with Rosendals Biprodukter

For a Sustainable Future with Rosendals Biprodukter

Pollinating insects decrease worldwide every year, leading to reduced vegetation and harvests. Rosendals Biprodukter aims to change this by promoting local beekeeping and helping bees continue to balance our Swedish ecosystem. A few years ago, we decided to support local beekeeping by placing five beautiful beehives at our headquarters in Önnestad. Despite an unusually rainy summer, our bees have been diligently producing honey here near our factory in Önnestad. We are super proud that our winged colleagues contribute to biodiversity and, most importantly, provide us with liquid gold. Together, we work in a beautiful symbiosis towards a sustainable future!