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About Smekab Citylife

We contribute to shaping attractive urban environments by always staying one step ahead.

One step ahead

Our philosophy is simple: there is always a better way. This insight drives us to see hindrances as possibilities to constantly find new solutions that guide the pulse of the city, protect residents, build harmony, and unite people. Now we lead the way to more sustainable cities of the future. Every day. One step ahead.

Already one step ahead in 1961

Already one step ahead in 1961

It all started as a crazy idea, said our founder Göran Skoglösa. But it turned out not to be so crazy after all. When Göran introduced hot-dip galvanizing as a new technology in 1961, he already knew that it would not only revolutionize the way of manufacturing the stable interiors and feeding machines of that time. He also realized that it would make our products exceptionally durable, an insight that soon spread to more business areas. Many of the barriers, railings, and traffic protection systems we developed in the 1970s are still intact today. By maintaining a long-term perspective, extensive product knowledge, and solid expertise, we can continue to be pioneers in creating the sustainable cities of the future.

Design, Function, and Sustainable

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Working together

Hindrances means possibilities

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Always one step ahead

Quality and Environment – it's the actions that matter

Our Five Business Areas

Smekab Citylife rests firmly on five business areas, each aiming to make a difference in its own way. They exist to secure sustainable growth and business operations in times that can change rapidly overnight. But also for us to achieve our vision of contributing to creating better societies. So, let us present the five-star core that enables Smekab Citylife to drive sustainable innovation and development for a long-term steel industry in Sweden.



Within the Citylife business area, we are involved early in the process of shaping the future cities together with municipalities, architects, and contractors. We place life at the center, always with sustainability in focus. Through innovative combinations of design and function, we can develop solutions that open up or demarcate, create better flows, and invite people to new meeting places.

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Subcontract manufacturing

We are a reliable subcontractor with a long history of supplying high-quality, hot-dip galvanized products and details to various industries worldwide. Our combined expertise enables a complete production flow, from design to hot-dip galvanizing, painting, and assembly.

Subcontract Manufacturing


Safety and quality are crucial for us. Therefore, assembly is a natural part of our overall offering. With experienced assemblers, we can guarantee correct installation regarding both durability and function. We also offer extensive maintenance and service programs for all products, which is part of our overall sustainability commitment to promote environmentally friendly and long-term use.

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We have been manufacturing stable interiors for milk production and other products for agriculture in collaboration with DeLaval since 1961. We are responsible for the entire process from design to production for the Nordic and Baltic markets. Together with DeLaval, we strive to offer innovative and high-quality solutions for continued sustainable and efficient agriculture.

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Solar Power

The world is taking big steps towards renewable electricity production, and, of course, we are part of it. Our commitment to sustainable development is based on our innovative solutions that we have now gathered under the Solar Power business area. With advanced expertise in precision welding and material handling, we are already at the forefront of sustainable structures, frames, and supports for solar energy facilities.

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We are a proud part of Saferoad Group

We are a proud part of Saferoad Group

Smekab Citylife is part of Saferoad Group, one of Europe's leading players in road safety, with over 70 years of experience in the industry. The group offers a wide range of innovative and high-quality products and solutions tailored to contribute to safer life on the road and shape the future of infrastructure. Smekab Citylife, together with other companies in Saferoad Group, has contributed to making the group a respected and reliable partner in every market. This is, of course, thanks to the 2,500 experts employed by Saferoad Group in 13 countries.

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